Armstrong & Dines Bipartisan Bill to Fund Cancer Survivor Programs Unanimously Passes Committee

Bipartisan legislation that Health & Human Services Chairwoman Debbie Armstrong introduced with Rep. Jim Dines to restore funding for cancer patient support services unanimously passed that committee on Monday.

In the past, the New Mexico Department of Health has provided programs for cancer survivors and their families. These services include lodging for cancer patients and families during treatment; transportation for patients; and a camp to help survivors and their families move forward.

In recent years, however, the funding for these programs was cut.

“As the mother of a daughter who survived childhood cancer,” Armstrong said. “I know how hard it is for families. Lodging, transportation and emotional-support services don’t have a huge price tag, but their value is immeasurable.”

HB 146 calls on the House Appropriations and Finance Committee to allocate $250,000 for cancer survivor programs in fiscal year 2019.

The bill will now got to HAFC for consideration and to hopefully be added to the committee’s proposed budget.

“Rep. Dines and I are working closely with the appropriators to make sure they understand how important cancer survivor programs are for New Mexico families,” Armstrong said. “This is a small ask in terms of budget dollars, but it comes with a huge payoff. We are optimistic that we will finally see the funding for these programs restored.”


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