Call for Gov to Sign Bill Giving Due Process to Medicaid Providers

SB2 Would Ensure Continuity of Care for New Mexicans

As the 2018 Legislative Session came to a close on Thursday, House Health and Human Services Committee Chairwoman Debbie Armstrong called on Gov. Susana Martinez to sign into law SB2, which would provide due process for Medicaid providers and ensure continuity of care for patients.


“More than 40 percent of New Mexicans rely on Medicaid for their health care,” Armstrong said. “We must ensure that our state can attract and retain Medicaid providers who can deliver quality care to those New Mexicans. SB2 allows our state to hold accountable any bad actors while providing due process for all providers and, most importantly, guaranteeing that families don’t lose access to the care they need.”


Introduced by Sen. Mary Kay Papen, SB2 establishes a clear procedure for handling any allegations of fraud against a Medicaid provider. It further establishes a process for resolving payment disputes with the state and creates a judicial review for any credible allegations of fraud.


Armstrong cited the state’s ongoing behavioral health crisis in explaining the need for the new legislation.


“In the five years since the governor suspended Medicaid payments to New Mexico behavioral health providers due to largely disproved allegations of fraud, the more than 20,000 at-risk children and adults who lost services have struggled to find care,” Armstrong said. “That’s not acceptable. SB2 would ensure that even as allegations of fraud are investigated—and perpetrators are held accountable—patients will continue to have uninterrupted access to care. At the end of the day, taking care of New Mexicans must always be our top priority.”


Because SB2 passed the House and was sent to the governor in the last three days of the session, the governor has 20 days following the last day of the session to review the bill and either sign it into law, veto it or take no action (pocket veto).

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