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There are some signs that COVID-19 infection rates are leveling off in New Mexico, but the Navajo Nation continues to be an infection hotspot. We've done a lot to flatten the curve, but there's still more to be done. That is why yesterday the Governor announced that we should expect current social distancing orders will be extended through May 15. 

Here are the latest social-distancing guidelines to help us stop the spread of this deadly virus so that we can keep New Mexicans safe. 

These social-distancing guidelines are based on best practices to slow the spread of this virus, but I know that they are creating hardships for New Mexicans. With schools closed, many kids are at risk of missing meals and, with businesses closing, many New Mexicans are having to go without a pay check. 

There is help available. 

What's more, health care needs--from testing to treatment--will be covered for all New Mexicans and testing is now available, including drive-up locations around the state. The Superintendent of Insurance has also prohibited the practice of surprise billing so that New Mexicans won't get stuck with unexpected, costly medical bills.  

We know things may get harder before they get better, but we are all in this together. My elderly mother lives with me, my youngest daughter has a newborn and my oldest daughter is immuno-compromised due to cancer treatment. I know how scary this time is for everyone.

But, after a career as a health care provider and administrator, I know that New Mexico is truly leading the way, implementing timely, data-driven guidelines to keep us safe. And recently our state received national recognition for its effective pandemic-fighting policies

I also know that New Mexicans value community and are eager to help. If you are healthy and have time to volunteer, please consider doing so. It's a great way to give back and stay engaged. New Mexico food banks, in particular, need volunteers

As always, don't hesitate to contact me with your questions. I am committed to getting you the answers and the resources you need. Please also follow me on Facebook and Twitter at @NMRepArmstrong for daily updates and information. 

All together New Mexico. That's how we support each other and our communities. And that's how we will all get through these unprecedented times. 

To learn even more about COVID-19 and New Mexico's response, go too  or

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