Two Armstrong Measures to Fight Opioid Addiction Pass Legislature

Memorials Part of Health Committee Chair’s Ongoing Work to Address Opioid Crisis

The New Mexico House of Representatives has passed two key pieces of legislation, sponsored by House Health and Human Services Committee Chairwoman Debbie Armstrong, that would make it easier for opioid addicts in New Mexico to receive proven, effective treatment for their addiction.


HM 56 calls on the Legislative Health and Human Services Committee in the interim to hear testimony on the benefits of injectable opioid treatment. This innovative treatment, which has been successfully used around the world, allows trained professionals to inject addicts in a clinical setting with pharmaceutical grade heroin in conjunction with other treatment strategies to stop illegal drug use.


HM 67 asks the New Mexico secretary of health to expand the qualifying conditions of the state’s medical cannabis program to include the use of medical cannabis to treat Opioid Use Disorder.


“Doing the same old things is not working,” Armstrong said. “We must explore and implement innovative, proven and effective strategies to fight opioid addiction in New Mexico. Lives depend on it.”


Armstrong, who was recently selected by the National Council of State Legislatures to serve as an Opioid Policy Fellow, has been working hard with national leaders to learn about and develop policy initiative to fight the opioid epidemic.


“We can fight opioid addiction on our own,” Armstrong said. “This is a national problem. By working with and learning from other leaders around the country, I am committed to bringing forward innovative proposals that will work—and save lives—in New Mexico.”


Because the two pieces of legislation are memorials, they require no further legislative action.


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